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CityNewport News
FS/T Stock unmolested BSA A65 frame. Looks like all the tabs are still intact. My Dad picked it up off eBay with no title so it's bill of sale only. Pics available on request if there's any interest in it.

Don't have anything on the bench at this time so I'm not looking for anything specific but I'm open to just about anything for trade. A sissy bar for a 2011 Superglide, decent shape throw over saddle bags (not cheap-o shit). I'm especially interested in vintage tin and handlebars (American or British only). Also interested in guns, BMX bikes, tools etc. Have some extra bits and bobs for British stuff to go with it but I'd have to dig through the parts bins to find it. Nothing special unless you're restoring to stock (mostly take off stuff like the center stand). Willing to deliver if it's within a couple of hours of SE Virginia.
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