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Citysanta Ynez
(Jockey boys only! these are screaming deals)alright im cleanin up around my shop and need to get rid of some shit! but good shit..
-oxy tank on cart $40
-Parts cleaner(solvent machine)big red one $50
-steel tables(5 of them i think. most are 1/8" or 1/4" tops), $50 each(only for jockey members)
-have 2 fire cabinets for paint. ($10each)
-(2)benches with thick wood tops with drawers.... $50
-(2)steel carts with wheels they are 6ft tall and can pack a lot of shit on them $100
-Last is a powder coating oven and stand(blue one) i will throw in over 1000lbs of powder..just about every color. you need this! $400

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