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start with cheap jap or holdout for brit or harley

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i dont really know if this will get a response or not. or if it will be a good response. i might just get told to go to hell. my basic question is this, im planning on building my first bike. i hate to give it a label but it will basically be a bobber. rigid frame solo seat. springer forks. nothin extra just pretty much bare bones. now ive seen some good looking jap bikes that were basically the style i want to build. im more into the triumphs and sportsters. the problem is like everyone else im short on cash. and a guy can get a honda for less than half the price of a trump. i guess im just second guessing myself on justifying buying a jap bike just to have one a lot sooner. im pretty new to all this but im assuming i can get some parts cheaper and easier for hondas. and i think the aftermarket is pretty strong for them. things like the rigid back frame. and bars and stuff like that. any opinions and advice welcome... even if you just tell me to go to hell haha
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it all comes down to personal preference, jap bikes are cheap initially but most chop parts have to be made from scratch. they make nice looking bikes but most of them still have that high pitched wine (no offense to anyone with a jap bike) that i don't like. british bikes have a nice sound an lots of torque but on the triumphs you have to be careful with the dreaded sludge trap and they don't have as big of a motor as the HD's but they are lighter. HD's are everywhere so you won't have a problem finding one or parts for it, it just comes down to finding the right one that fits your taste and your vision but you'll pay extra for the HD brand parts(but that's easy to avoid) so choose wisely and don't forget to start a build thread when you get it :)
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