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start with cheap jap or holdout for brit or harley

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i dont really know if this will get a response or not. or if it will be a good response. i might just get told to go to hell. my basic question is this, im planning on building my first bike. i hate to give it a label but it will basically be a bobber. rigid frame solo seat. springer forks. nothin extra just pretty much bare bones. now ive seen some good looking jap bikes that were basically the style i want to build. im more into the triumphs and sportsters. the problem is like everyone else im short on cash. and a guy can get a honda for less than half the price of a trump. i guess im just second guessing myself on justifying buying a jap bike just to have one a lot sooner. im pretty new to all this but im assuming i can get some parts cheaper and easier for hondas. and i think the aftermarket is pretty strong for them. things like the rigid back frame. and bars and stuff like that. any opinions and advice welcome... even if you just tell me to go to hell haha
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Get a running bike...don't start with a basket...fix it as you go...lots more fun...dudley
Totally Correct. I cant recommend this enough. I didnt listen .... cost me thousands.

There really is no cheap when we don't know your budget but let me tell you what i DO KNOW. Jap bikes (Post Chop) have really crappy resale. Remember it is made individual by you and after that ..... its lost its value monetarily. Most guys and gals want to start with a clean slate. I think Brits are cheap and if you're looking for something cheaper ...... you may not have the budget to build any bike. JMO. If you're serious about building something you'd be surprised what you will sacrifice.
I agree with Shovithead. There are places to cut corners and places to NOT. If you are not a good negotiator, go see a bike make sure you want it and pass on it. Call a friend or family member that IS a good negotiator and have them go buy it if you have to. Dont bring a friend or uncle with you. I always get pissed when some guy makes a field trip to my house with all his douchebag buddies that have more opinions than common sense. Some people are just not good at the $$$ part.
Brit bikes have become trendy over the last ten years IMO and the prices have gone up BUT .... you can find good deals but you cant find them where EVERYONE else finds them. Ask around, put up ads etc. If you use eBay or Craigslist you will likely pay a premium because you have a lot of competition. Thats what online is about. Marketing to as many customers as possible. You can get a good deal online but you have to know how to haggle. Maybe you can trade something too. I've done it many times. I have _______ for partial trade for a running, titled motorcycle. Beat a path to what you want. If you like Brits or Harleys .... great but be honest about WHY you want what you want. If you just wanna RIDE and feel the wind it doesn't matter how cool you are or not. Get it?
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