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save up for a brit or HD. I started out with a jap cruiser, sold it two months later. Then, I bought a jap sport bike, mostly because it needed a lot of work and it was only a couple hundred bucks. I fixed it and rode it for about another two months. Then, I bought a rough, really rough ironhead, and rode it while i fixed it up, hardtailed it, and had something I never wanted to part with. Tough times and bad decisions forced me to sell it, but things worked out for me anyhow, and now I own a big twin. But, the moral of the story is, I broke even on the japs, but I wasted a bunch of time and effort on bikes that I really didn't want. Had i been putting that extra time, effort, and money into the sportster, I would have really had a sharp bike. Good things come to those that wait.......And, Harleys and Brit's have a greater return value as they age when compared to the japs, So go to hell for asking a questin like this on a Harley and brit forum! :D Just Kidding with you.
1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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