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Start and run 1929 Harley

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Shot at this morning's Sunday breakfast ride. Then went for a nice 50 mile ride.

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I remember when you posted this after you got it Buzz, looks and sounds fantastic if this is going cross country it'll be a great ride, fantastic resto
Dang.....I would be afraid something would break...

Pretty Dog-Gone Cool to make a trip that Long on a bike that is as rare as Hen's Teeth.



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Thanks. When I first told the promoter of the Motorcycle Cannonball what I planned to ride he asked me if I was serious. My reply is what better thing to do with a real JDH 2 cam than to ride it across the US on an event like this. A real test of man and machine - and a lot of fun too.
Man, what a piece of machinery! Good luck on your trip!
Awesome! What a great adventure that will be.
Good morning.....Awsome machine. What kinda matinence do you have to do to say the rocker arms and what is the interval? I would imagine them rocker arms need lots of attention? Love the exposed valve train!
The intake (exposed) rockers take a squirt of oil or grease about every time I fill the gas tanks. The exhuast valves are basically flathead (sidevalve) design and need no special external lubrication.

The route of this year's ride in September is a northern route. It is at

And we are following my progress in the pages of American Iron Magazine - I am the editor-in-chief.
All I can say is wow. What a great piece of history and it's being enjoyed instead of hung on a wall. Thanks for sharing. I will have to see if I can find your magazine north of the border.
What a grand bike...wish you luck and plenty of parts...:D:D

Be sure and video the run...and I would personaly like to see some of the other bikes...thanks for posting...
Beautiful bike.. Sounds like a great adventure...
I think it is great that someone like buzz is on here rubbing shoulders with us normal folks.its weird when I was young I pined over hot chicks I couldn't I pine over machinery I can't afford.after seeing this video I got a new fantasy machine.Guess I will keep messing around with fat ugly chicks, I mean sportsters.
Very exciting to think of such a long ride across the country... on any bike!
I think you're nuts... but I'd love to ride along, haha.

How comfortable is it anyway?
50mi ride that day should feel like nothing. :)
I rode a 1915 Harley across the US on the first Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010 and shot a fair amount of video, I posted it on Youtube either under the Buzz Kanter or the American Iron Magazine name. Or search "Motorcycle Cannonball" on youtube.

Hope to shoot and share more video on this one in September too.

And the bike is surprisingly comfortable to ride. Especially when I add the sheepskin cover to the leather saddle. Also added floorboard extenders and the handlebars are just high and wide enough for me.
Awesome. Few things more visceral than the tickover of an old machine.
Awesome. Few things more visceral than the tickover of an old machine.
I think that very same thought every morning that I wake up....:)

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