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Stainless handlebars, Hallcraft spool minidisc, Backdrop solo seat

Can deliver these to the Long Beach Swap or Garage Company Wes White deal this weekend or prices shown are shipped

Hallcraft 19" chrome wheel with flaking chrome on the hub as seen in the pics. Bitchin old chopper wheel you don't see many of. Rim chrome is good and wheel is totally runable or do your thing and make it sparkle. $150 shipped Conus

Back Drop Solo small rip in middle top shown. About the size of a dime slot if that $135 plus the ride

Have a couple sets of these stainless steel .120" DOM bars in raw non polished and scotch-brite finish for $85

Shown here on a sporty so you can see dimensions. The grip length was cut here to make them narrower but their is enough room for stock controls on them but no dimples.

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