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Springer Front End

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SOLD.....$325.00 Shipped Cont. USA
New bronze bushings, new aluminum spring caps, New zinc plated spring shaft. This is an old springer barn find, first time I saw it was in 1982, it was old then. Came from an old Triumph guy, he was going to put it on a bike someday, someday never came:( Good shape for its age, not show chrome, it has light rust spots. Left the risers on, but they have nasty vise grip marks in them?
only markings on it is a stamp "A 10" .
5" risers, 7/8" stem 8 3/4 long with about 2" thread ,31" from axle holes to bottom bracket. 37 from axle holes to top tree. 5 1/2 between rockers.

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