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Spreading joy and happiness

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Here are some pics of "El Milagro" ..... my T100 project that will hopefully be running this month. I messed up the paint on the rear fender and I still can't get the rear wheel laced right but it still is coming along nicely.

Hopefully this will help eliviate some of the negativity from the ugly posts that have been on here lately.


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Looks sweet! And you are a nice person.

(Just trying to do my part...)

that looks killer, ive always had a thing for black/white paint schemes.

Paul, your bike looks great. Are those new pipes? If so where can I lay my hands on a set? Here's a pic of my T100R as found. I am looking for an engine (prefer twin carb, but will take single carb). It will have a bolt on 2" stretch hardtail, front fender will go to rear, vintage Bates solo saddle. Otherwise cosmetically as it is now.
Billdozer1811 said:
Looks sweet! And you are a nice person.

(Just trying to do my part...)

:D:D yeah, what he said! Bike looks nice indeed.
happy happy joy joy
Looks great. I dig that springer and the pipes.
That's going to be a very nice and joyous motorbike. :)
Sweet bike
Great job the bike is looking sweet to me .JEFF
Bike is looking great. Cool pipes. Keep up this style!
Nice work man.....
Give us a little info on the springer......

i like the exhaust pipes. are they factory parts?
Man! I can so smell the love in here!!!

I too dig your bike, looks light and fast.
Thanks for the kind words guys. The springer is actually off of a junky ass roller I bought off of Ebay. I had to lob about ten inches off the fork tubes to get the stance right. The pipes are NOS Trun?(I think that is how it is spelled). I also scored them off of Ebay. I have only seen one or two other bikes with those pipes. I can't wait to start it.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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