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Pricein ad
got a couple parts up for sale, all prices include shipping to continental US, all prices OBO, best to email me at [email protected]

will trade for any cool evo sporty stuff, a decent helmet in M, mini electronic speedo, mini horn, over 41mm tubes n springs, 19 inch mag narrowglide front end.. single disc.

first a evo sporty two up seat, good condition, comfortable, paid $100, askin the same.

wassell tank, was told its a hap jones, cant find a stamp, some bondo on the outside, pin holes on the bottom, petcock with it, inside is rusty and has been coated. probably best to cut the tunnel out and weld in a frisco bottom - $100

brit style octagon oil tank, i never ran it, looks solid, some scraping at one spot on the bottom - $60

ironhead sporty air cleaner, no filters, first original bendix cover of a 72' IH, usual rust and patina, some hardware with it - $25

one inch broom sticks - $30
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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