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Sportster opinion wanted

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getting ready to finally fire up the 71 ironhead sportster winter build.

Bike is a kick only 71 ironhead that is trashed and in need of complete overhaul, just trying to decide what direction to take so i did up 2 marker renderings of options to settle it but love both can't really pick one over the other so i thought i'd ask here. I already started gathering parts like the wassell tank and metal stock.

Option 1: more of a sleek speedster design 19" front 18" rear firestones fore and aft custom frame and girder, vented drums lots of stainless and painted parts. possibly change to a dual amal setup

Option 2: straight bobber style 19" front 18" rear firestones fore and aft custom frame covered triumph/bsa front end. Ribbed drums, stainless, chrome and paint.

Forgive the shitty pictures they're cell pics the renderings are too large to scan and the tire diameters look off because of the angle i took the photos at. Any thoughts/insight would be helpful.
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Both look good but I like the top one best. It has great lines, personally I'd shorten up the rear half of the frame. Either way, it has a very classy and timeless look. You might want to repost this with a poll. You might be able to add a poll to this one. Looking forward to a build thread for either style. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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