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rev616 said:
hey Weyland you have a picture of those sporties polished up? how much do you charge for that?
No, I sure don't.
I don't polish. Period.
I hate polishing things.
First, I'm not a fan of polished things, and
second because it's a nasty, filthy fucking job.
When I get customers that want stuff polished, I
either send it out for them, or let them handle it themselves.

Even on the stuff that I sell (like the Brass NUTZ,
Magneto covers, pushrod cups, and other stuff), I don't polish it.

Those particular Sporty boxes are going to be polished, but
the owner will be doing it, so I don't have a pic of them polished yet.

As for the cost of splitting rocker boxes,
it's not something I've thought about, to be honest.

Frankly, it's low on skill requirements, but highly labor and time intensive,
so it's the type of thing that I try and encourage people to do for themselves.

How do you charge someone shop rate for 4-6 hours of
work that basically amounts to bandsawing, grinding, drilling,
tapping, and sanding that any trained monkey can do fairly well?

The Sportster boxes *ARE* a bit more tricky, due to the way I
do them because of the cutting the side off and welding in the new
plated side, but I've not sat down and firgured out a price on such a thing.
I did the ones in the gallery more as a "how-to", and those particluar ones were for a friend.

If you "gotta" have it done, email me and we'll figure something out.



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I always wonered about those. Are there any harmfull side affects to doing that, like leaks or pulled studs or anything? Old biker guy I used to work with swears up and down that none of the motors with that kind of rocker box even get much road time.
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