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speedo mount on springer question?

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Opinion from you spinger riders. i have a 45 bobber , and made a speedometer mount the would bolt right on top of the spring rods. its a nice spot as it hides behind the unity headlight. do you think this is a wise spot or is there too much moving and shock here? It a GPS speedo , rated for boats , cars, bikes etc. opinions ? thanks
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Why do you need to know how fast you're going? If everybody is passing you, you're going too slow, if you're passing everybody (unlikely on a 45), you doing fine.
dont need a speedo, i just happen to have this GPS unit, and would look nice ( to me) on it. just wondered about mounting top of springer . i will just test it out and see how it goes there.
Might be a good place to mount it if the manufacturer is paying you to see how much abuse it can take. Otherwise, I'd think of somewhere else.
Don't think that would be a wise place to mount it..

It better be made by Timex....

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Thanks guys, is what i wanted to know. you confirmed what i was starting to think it not an ideal location. will mount another spot. thanks for input.
you dont need a speedo. just ride it. on a 45 your not gunna get away from the cops anyway if anything just twist open and hope for the best
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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