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Speedo blockoff missing something?

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I started putting my triumph back together for final mockup and was mounting the rear wheel when i put the speedo blockoff on and it just doesnt seem right one it bottoms out on the outer edge or the hub so i have to think i need an internal spacer? and two i assume i need a small spacer for the outer edge or it will just get chewed up from the rear frame mount? I also noticed from this pick one of my spokes is not set correctly so i need to fix that


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I see the problem from your pic; the threaded speedo-drive ring is not fully threaded down to the outer race of the wheel bearing. Once that ring is firmly contacting the wheel bearing, that clearence issue will be solved. On your second question, I do use a spacer between the frame and the speedo delete piece (second pic). I hope that helps.
Cheers, Dan.
Thanks Dan i think i see it now on first pic what appears to be a ring of rust at the base is a gap that the speedo ring-drive needs to be threaded down to?
Exactly! It's good that you caught this now, too, since that ring keeps the bearings locked in position (which keeps the wheel in it's position). Having your wheel change it's centerline, in relation to the frame/fender/chain, while in motion, could have had some terrible consequences.
yea i knew something was off I also caught that spoke that was not seated correctly not that it was going to do much but nice to catch now. Thanks again Dan, saw the paint work for your new build on Ryzart's site its outstanding!!!
Thanks Dennis! BTW, Your bike is looking really good (thanks for the preview), keep it up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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