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So i got a sparx three wire rotor, stator, and rectifier setup for my 68 BSA A65 about a year to a year and a half ago.

Due to other issues i have only put about 2000 miles on it since the "upgrade"

As i was replacing the primary chain due to wear i noticed that where the wires go into the stator potting it's gone brittle and cracked the wire housing and insulation so that i now have three bare wires at the junction of the potting. If there was more than a little tit of wire sticking out i could splice the connections and be fine but the break is right at the potting.

Are the wassell units any better than this sparx crap?

I also think that the rotor rubbing the inside of the potting created gloop in the trans and contaminated the trans sump cause that thing was flat disgusting whereas before (when running the lucas original equipment the fluid just looked a little darker than when i put it in.

Anyone have any better suggestions for replacement without having to rewire the bike a third time?

First rewire was a crap aftermarket harness that all the connections failed on over a limited operating time.

Second rewire was my own creation that has worked well barring the crap Sparks unit.
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