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SPARX 3 phase regulators

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Hello, seems that this question is not in the archives.

I have a 3 phase RM24 on my Triumph I do not have anymore in the electrical department
so Im thinking to put a Sparx 3 phase regulator
My question is: This unit have a capacitor inside? or should I need an outside unit to provide this?

My idea is keep the electrical at minimum and ONLY for lights.
-a 3 phase voltage regulator with a built in capacitor(but I do not know exactly which one)
-a fuse

--no battery
--no coils
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two things.
1. that 3 phase Sparx unit does not have a capacitor inside it, you will need an external one.

2. the 3 phase is way over kill especially for a bare bones charge system, all you ever need is the standard 10 am stator and then you can use the SparX battery eliminator with a capacitor built in.
...hello Tony,
I do not know what s the 10 am stator...

So you say that can put a single phase unit? are not the Sparx battery eliminator for the single phase?

that was a typo, it should say 10 amp stator(120 watt) , but as far as I know the 3 phase Sparx 200 rectifier/regulator does not have a built in capacitor making it a "Battery Eliminator"
I know the regular old 2 phase Sparx charge unit has a built in capacitor.
amazing as it sounds I install at least one of those "Chinese" regulators every week, and I haven't had one failure.
as I type in these words on my likely Chinese made computer.....
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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