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i said i 'd post it. iu just hadda remeber where i put the catalog in the shed.

some of you cats are looking for old stuff this guy (chuck) is great.
he's got all the know and like i said his catalog ($5) is a plethera of knowelage for those bathroom readings...
anyway.. i talked to him a few years ago and i was wantin a VL springer and some parts for some bars i build.. he might know some one that has a VL but he told me to look into animosa IA swap meet every year.. never went but some friends go that said it is the place to find anything you want.. ANYTHING..bring cash.

he deals with OHV 36 to 47 and flattys 30 to 48 and 45's 29 to 73..

his # is 616.245.8991

hope it helps some of ya lookin for stuffs...

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