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I was on the way back from a bike shop in Pasadena where I had a new rear tire mounted. I pulled up to the light at Shaver and Hwy3 and two yamaha 1500 cruisers pulled up behind me. One was 2-up and one was riding solo. The light turned green, I turned the corner and shifted to second very low rpm's into the turn, as I completed the turn, I got on it and stretched out second gear with about a 3/4 throttle pull and short shifted at 6k rpm's.
I happen to look over to the left and the solo Yami rider was a few bikes behind to the left. He had been making a run at the scoot and I didnt even know it. I sure wish I would have been paying attention and romped on it and really smoked him. All the way home I chuckled thinking he was gonna show off to his buddy and rip me and the whole time I was just goofing off and didnt even know I was in a race :D
crap, that was funny stuff

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