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Whats up ya'll, just wanted to post a few pictures of some things in my shop currently. Thought ya'll might like something to look at.


72 xlch ive been doling some fab work to. The fender will be a crazy frank style when its finished. lots of diffrences though, not a total copy, and im going to go up to a 13.5 shock in the rear, it has 12's in this picture


2003 sporty chop, im doing for a fella. thats an ironhead rear wheel, 18" so it'll be chain conversion etc. with a 33.4mm front end, with the tapered lowers (came off a wrecked 71 fx). lots of other cool stuff, more to come on that


Evo chop, in a kris klien frame and front end, im just doing some minor fab work (fender mounted, seat pan, sissy bar, and some welding) to this one. (cool bike)


last picture is just my shovel chop, i beat around town on the regular. no frills all fun! Changed a few things for this season, made the 2-1 pipes, went back to a 19 with mechanical drum on the front (still finishing), shorter sissy bar and new tailight.
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