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this is another project of mine. i bought this about a month ago from fellow J.J. brotherin Steve G. (customchop). this is what it looked like when i picked it up...

and some little elbow grease its startin to shape up.

at the moment ive taken off the harley 16" rim to replace the tire. so im using a spare yamaha 16" i have. for some reason it looks smaller, the harley rim and tire hugged the fender better. anyway, ive added a set of struts to get the ass end down and found a gold to match whats on the tank. i have switched the sissy bar. i need to do a little work to the battery box and the front end is getting all new needle bearings. i found one little piece of bushing left in the rocker arm. i need to redo the wiring cause many connections are held together by band-aids. i have cleaned up all the chrome. and finally i just need to find a set of air cleaners and set of turned out pipes just to finish the exhaust. hopefully by next spring it will be on the road. enjoy the pics.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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