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single phase, dual phase etc....??

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I have a 68 triumph daytona. I'm replacing the coils with something newer such as accel, but im also going to replace the zener diode/rectifier.

My only question is, does it matter if i use a dual phase, or single phase and how much of a difference? The motor is completely stock and don't plan on doing anything to it, but I wanted to clear up this electric phase issue so i can get her back on the road.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: forgot to add it will run off of a 12v battery.
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I know it is gonna sound confusing, but, a single phase stator actually has two phases and the only other stator is a three phase stator. Triumphs came with a single phase stator (with 2 separate phases).
you can't mix 2 and 3 phase stators or charge units.

Bottom line is, all you need for that bike is standard Podtornics or other brand charge unit to replace the rectifier and zenor diode, not a 3 phase charge unit.
That's perfect, just the answer i was looking for!!!

Thanks Torch!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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