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Single Loop Evo Build

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Heres a few pics of a bike Im building for my dad. I Started on this a couple weeks ago and heres what I got so far. Front loop, downtube and backbone are 1.5" DOM .120wall and the rest is 1" DOM .120 wall. Motor is out of a 96 Harley and were using a 5spd trans with kicker. Gonna run open belt primary.

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These axle plates took some time to make I dont have a mill so I made a jig to heat and bend the outer piece around then welded a backside in for the axle to slide through.
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This is the front end thats gonna be used. Appoximately 8 over girder that I built.
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Great details, definately going to be watching this one come together!
pretty rad...will be checking this one frequently. Did you make the bars too?
that looks killer. Hell of a job on that girder as well.
Wow! Single down tubes are so nice. Really dig those old moto shop frames, but they're a fortune. Nice that you have the skills to make your own. That girder is amazing. Reminds me of a drag bike wheelie bar.
pretty rad...will be checking this one frequently. Did you make the bars too?
WOW! You have some serious ambition and the skills to back it up! That girder is really nice! It does look like wheelie bars a little bit. I can't wait for more updates on this one.
I love every bike you build, this one is no different!
Bitchin' right there !
Allways nice to see a real build, nice fabriaction going on, keep it up
Yes, a real build with a very talented builder. Big thumbs up.
Realy well done so far!!!! Cant wait to see the finnished bike!!!
very nice looking
can you post some pics of the motor mount areas ?
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