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Jurneyman said:
The shovster was Ron Trock's baby he R+d the design from begining to end. I built one years ago with a lot of his help, he is one of the good guys, and there is nobody in the country that knows more about that combination then Ron. I might have pictures as we put my customers together .
While it's true, Trock is probably the most well-known builder of Shovsters, and probably the most publicized - a good half-dozen years before him, a lot of the East Bay Dragons and L.A. Rattlers were running Pansters and Shovsters in the East Bay in NorCal, and down in the South Bay in L.A. as well.

Pat Leahy from High Gear Machine was actively campaigning a 93" gas Shovster at strips like Lyons in Long Beach, and Palmdale CA in 1970.
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