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Shovels Rule......Pic's

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Most of my pics are stuck in limbo on my old computer. I really enjoy looking at all the Pans in the other thread, so how about some Shovel pics.
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Thanx feels good sitting still but I guess the real test will be on the road...bit worried about the bars..they came out little on the skinny side.. :) :) :)
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my 67 FL w/ 88" S&S internals. SU carb. custom dizzy w/ cone dyna single fire setup. Andrew B cam. 4over w/ 19" front and dual discs. later disc brake swingarm. handles great and stops on a dime.

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The shovel is nice but I really dig the Guzzi in the back :)
Jenny is off the lift into the West Texas Sun on Sunday. Monday, tank and fender to the painter and the last of the chrome and powder coating shipped to the correct folks.
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Digging through some old photos and found a few in-process pics of my bike.

Here is sort of a before and after...
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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...don't know why it keeps rotating this photo on its side
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its rotated okay on this side of the machine!
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