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all prices do not include shipping and are obo

wideglide triple trees...FOR TRADE ONLY, i want to trade for stock wideglide triples so i can run a nacelle

dakota digital digital speedo/tach, worked when taken off (front wheel cable so probably 2:1 ratio speedo) $200

pullback risers $20
drag bars $20

aluminum inner primary setup for mid-shift $60
fxe fender struts with lights $20

custom painted tins...wideglide front fender, rear fender, fatbob tanks, and dash...not perfect but definately look bitchin, the flames are metalic and semi-chameleon (a little dusty in the pics, i was deep into cleaning my garage so didn't take the time to clean em, i will later) $300

hwy pegs $20

chrome bar levers and switches $80
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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