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Shovel Update.....

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Way to set the mark.... Beautiful.............
You whited the letters on an Avon 3.00 x 21, huh?
Hey....what's that on the kicker cover!?

And comes through with the fancy pics! Bike looks real nice
Nice bike! Nice shots!

Is this the same bike as the purple one from a while back? I see many parts that look the same. Do you still have the "69" Pan?

should be on the cover of some rag. nice work!
Love the paint. Mmm. Tasty flake and white. Damn that is super nice man.
the bars have more pullback than the ones you had on before, right?
they look awesome!

Great Pics as well!

Thanks for the post - made my morning!!!
Deguello - what frame is that?

Thanks again...
Looks great! I even like the sporty tank on that bike (which doesnt happen often!).
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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