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Shovel tappet screen

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What are you guys using to unscrew the plug over the tappet screen? My biggest screw driver ain't going to do it, do I need to make something?
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There is a tool made for this, maybe Jims might make one?

I made one out of hex stock on a Bridgeport.
Jim's makes a tool that works very well...
PN 2333
Yep, that's the one:

The one I made is very similar except that I didn't turn the diameter at the end.
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Think he Heat-treats his ..????
Me too! :)

I used some 17/4 Stainless and then heat treated it when I was done!

that should work also. For the price of the Jims you can get a set of 4 that might help you out somewhere down the road
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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