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shovel redux - basic bolt on betty (post mini-accident)

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well a month or so ago i was riding the new to me shovel when the taillight decided it rather hang out on the swingarm between the fron of the rear tire and the oil bag. severed all the wires, glass in the tire, destroyed the fender, etc.

so i decided to do some very basic edits given that i wanted to be able to return the bike to stock someday if i chose. also tried to use some old parts i had stashed.

first pic is stock bike before the taillight issue. the bike is nothing revolutionary but i am happy with balance between stock geometry and a little style.

opinions welcome.

- jason
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Looks clean Jason, I like it ! Nice shock covers , improved look for sure.
Opinions are what they are but since you asked.
I'd have ditched the visor style headlight (never liked those).
The lines are odd. I'd have kept those stock tanks or something more fitting the frame and that seat, and gone with some simpler handlebars. If you like the way they ride then cool but I have ridden my shovelhead before it was mine with bars kind of like that and hated them. The rear fender looks awful close to the tire, I'd hate to hear it shaved the tread off or worse.
build it your way,your the one who has to be happy with it in the end....looks cool man...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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