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Shovel compression

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First off I want to say I’ve fallen off the JJ for a few years, so please go easy on me with this bonehead issue and crawling back asking for help!

Some background on the bike and issue at hand.
A friend had this thing dropped off at my shop, he bought it sight unseen and it was touted as a “stroker” chopper professionally built and ready to roll. While it has descent parts, It had all sorts of problems that I could tell know one had done shake down miles on the skoot. Little stuff with the electrical, suicide shift set up and clutch adjustment. Squared a bunch of stuff away, got it starting on the first kick and was getting close to taking it on its maiden voyage. My pal, in all his infinite wisdom took it for a weekend and blew the head gaskets. I figured the engine had just been rebuilt and after heat cycles never retorqued the head bolts.I could roll the motor over with my hand, it had zero compression and I could see the gasket coming out in between the head and cylinder. I tore it down, did the head gaskets, inspected the valve train and had a look at the cylinders, pistons and rings. All of which appeared to have little to no miles on them and recently rebuilt.
After doing the head gaskets I put it together and, to my shagrin it still had only 20psi on the compression gauge.
It has rivera taper lite adjustable rods and hydraulic lifters. During valve train adjustments I would go to zero lash on the base circle, then per rivera adjust the rods out the 4-5 full turns. All lifters would bleed down and allow me to move on except the rear intake. The lifter wouldn’t bleed down even after a full day sitting, so I couldn’t rotate the engine over for fear of valve to piston contact.
So, apart again. Heads hold water in the combustion chamber when tested so it leads me to believe they are seating just fine.
Could he have blown the rings as well when he popped the head gaskets? I know I should have done a leak down test but it just didn’t happen.

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Couple things here.

First, Chopper Arn started this thread, and now we got Peter Boychuck chiming in as though it is his. Peter has a picture of a bike that looks a little like the one in ChopperArn's post, but it is not the same. So first things first: who the fuck is who?

ChopperArn says he slammed head gaskets in this bitch, and Peter Boychuck says the heads have never been off the bike. ChopperArn says the heads seal against fluid, Peter Boychuck says he doesn't know what that test is. Peter, are you the friend? Or have you just hijacked a post?

Second, we still have not heard what happened to the pushrods. 20psi is obviously, but I still haven't heard how the solid lifter conversion began to "bleed down." I mention this because a valve that was held open due to incorrect adjustment would make it seem as though there was no compression.

With that kind of sarcasm l can do without his input. I l waited a day for response only to be called a dummy. Long time members should know better. Save it for the wife
Something is amiss between the original poster and the things you're typing, fella. You're either not reading what ChopperArn has posted or you're posting on a thread that's irrelevant to whatever bike it is you are working on. Neither is a problem, per se, but you've caused confusion because none of us know what's going on.

Finally, Pete, nobody was asking for your opinion on how this place is run or how you're treated here. The other guys have made the point, so I won't belabor it. I know you're not going to want to hear that, but as a guy who has mouthed off here before and put in his place, I can assure you that taking criticism personally here usually ends poorly. God gave you two ears and one mouth; the ratio is indicative of intended frequency of use. You've entered a spot where ball-breaking is a religion. Hike up your skirt, give your balls a tug, and let's get your bike running.

Straighten out a few of those confusing items and we can better assist you.

Welcome to the board.
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(I apologize, magnum45Pete. Please resume the ballbusting procedure.)

No offense, Peter. But none of these responses is an email to you, unless you mean something by "email" that I don't grasp. And you're among guys who, for all their abrasive natures and reptile crust, know their shovelhead shit and will help you if approached right.

However. While a (maybe very) few of them also have a good understanding of how to navigate this online donkey show, this thread is not the place to pursue basic questions of navigation and even terminology.

I think that's the first thread you'll encounter when you've found your way to the JJ Board (which evidently you have). It may help with figuring the place out.

James rats
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You still haven't told anyone whose bike this is. Are you the friend? Is this the same bike? A different bike?

Can you address these same questions? Helping you is very difficult because the information we have about this motorcycle is conflicting.
Is this futile or what? Line up your ducks in a row, and start a thread with the questions about your problems. Remember pictures.
Peter wanted his account closed, so he is no longer here.
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