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Got an s&s super e on a mostly stock 74inch cone shovel. .68 .295 jets, bike starts fine etc. but when you get highr up in the rpms it seems fuel starved. Checkd for intake leaks, timing is good no loose wires etc. is it possibl the tank may not be venting correctly at w.o ? Got one of those tiny screw in caps with a small hole that you can hear hiss from time to time when moving it around..thoughtz or opinionz..bigger jet needed ?

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Yea it wAs but thought it was a few loose wires on the coils n shit.I'll mess witht the jets tomm. I dnk if it could b the fuel cap ? It has spit fuel out of it before, bottom end is good just blahh blaahhs blahhs up top when ur crankin but if you massage the throttle it'll go..just getting annoying and wana fix it

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They looked a tad lean, I'll look again tomm rode it tn and then guess go from there maybe I'll try another size main jt! Gna try the fuel cap 1st the other day was coming up a big hill and wen to hit the throttle and it stumbled so may the fuel is to pressurized or something??

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from S&S...

a. Warm engine to operating temperature.

b. Accelerate rapidly through gears noting how
quickly and smoothly engine reaches rpm
level where pull of engine begins to fade and
gear shift occurs.

c. If engine backfires in carburetor and sputters
or “breaks up” and/or dies during
acceleration, increase or richen main jet size
.004" larger and road test again. Note
engine smoothness and how easily engine
reaches rpm where gear shift occurs.

d. If engine runs flat and sluggish or “blubbers”
or will not take throttle, decrease or lean main
jet size .004" smaller and road test again.
Note engine smoothness and how easily
engine reaches rpm where gear shift occurs.

e. Continue changing main jets until jet which
makes engine accelerate or rpm through
gears quickest and smoothest is identified.
S&S’s experience is that jetting about .006"
smaller (leaner) than correct will make engine
break up and quit. Jetting about .006" larger
(richer) will make engine blubber and miss.

Troubleshooting Tips for Intermediate and High
Speeds - Engine will not run at steady speed or rpm
or quits for no apparent reason:

1. Restriction in fuel supply system - Gas tank vent
plugged, needle and seat not working properly
(See “General Information”), gas petcock too
small, or defective vacuum petcock. Stock H-D
petcock is generally adequate, but may require
running on reserve to provide sufficient fuel for
big inch engines. If fuel delivery to carb is
questionable, S&S recommends Pingel brand
high flow petcock.

2. Faulty ignition/electrical system - Fouled plugs,
worn points or condenser, defective coil or solid
state module, improper ignition timing, loose
wire, faulty circuit breaker or ignition switch.
Many ignition/electrical problems occur
repeatedly at same rpm because of vibration
specific to that rpm .

3. Incorrect intermediate and/or high speed jetting.
See “Adjusting Carb - Intermediate System” and
“High Speed Circuit or Main Jet”.

4. Foreign material in air or gas passageway in carb
causing flow restriction. Picture 42 shows
intermediate air bleed metering hole. Picture 45
shows main discharge air bleed metering hole.
Use compressed air to clear holes.

good luck man :)

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I seem to get good results from a 31 70 set up on my shovel but they're all different. Print out the S&S tuning instructions and your life will be complete. I had similar problems to yours and going from 295 to 31 on the intermediate cured it. Good luck.

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Checked with some non flam carb cleaner..Fuel line is 3/8's..Plugs were actually sooty(rich) when down to a .68 main jet going to pull the plugs in a few and see what they look like. Some 1 told me the accel pump or diaphram could be shot. Bike like i said cranks but you have to roll into it in the high speeds/rpm's other wise stumbles and breaks up..
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