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New to posting, looking at a 80 ironhead, complete runner, I saw a guy riding it today - he wouldnt let me ride it - title/reg is current, comes with extra gas tank, extra oil tank for hardtail, weld-on hardtail kit, extral bars, complete gasket kit, manual, odds and ends.

So he fires it up and it literally sprays a fan of oil out the cover in the front. gasket is wasted. go to other side and open oil fill cap fire it again and no spray. pressure relieved side to side. is there more than a gasket or oil ring blown potentially? also, the brake lever is on the peg and there seems to be a shft missing in front of the right peg as i can see all the way into the case.

Should i hop on this thing for less than $2500?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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