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Hi, just thought I'd make a little intro. I'm usually at the Hamb but since I'm gettin started on a project it made sense to register here too.

My father had a Wla he planned to restore in the 60's, tore it apart and then it ended up in boxes... When I was in my teens I took over the bike & started puttin it together the way I liked it, then... It never got finished before I decided that cars were more interesting, so it got stashed away in my parents garage for over 20 years... I've just got a newly awakened interest in bikes so now I'm gonna start again.

Plans are to get it runnin & drive it a bit, then it's gonna get a "makeover" towards a more stock look and my dad's gonna get it back! My project will be a Wlc basket case, that I plan to use a K or Kh top end on. Gonna have some old racer style to it, narrowed tank, short wla rear fender, Hummer set, magneto....

Here's some pics of the wla in -84 ( I think) before got covered in 22 years of dust... Worst parts are the ugly 15" rim & fender, pretty easy to swap though...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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