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this has come up on another board and i may have pissed off a couple guys. the other site was a car site. y'all know i'm a car guy.

any how if i'm gonna piss off guys here. here we go...
there are a lotta buyers on ebay. there are maybe 3 kinds of sellers.
1) profesionals/businessman-ebay is their only job/income. they know what they're doin' and will tell ya up front what shipping and "handleing" will be or factor that into the asking price of the item.(the cost of doin' business)
2) the amature- the new guy(with a day job) selling that will get negative feedback because a buyer felt robbedbecause he/she wasnt prepared for some fees.
3)the hobbyest- the guy that sells stuff because it's fun and can make a couple bucks, but realises that ebay is a GAME for the buyer and seller. wether yer sellin' or buyin' M/C parts, comic books, cofee pots, or cowboy boots ebay always gets their cut.
a seller may not meet the resevre or no one may bid on their crap. the buyer may have to fight between other guys at a huge price to "win" an item. egay will not lose out.

i guess there are other egay sellers like dumb-asses and crooks.
whoa! didijust type all that shit?
sorry guys. i got fucked like that once(once!) and i'mjust ultra careful now.
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