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shaved forks pics inside

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Got around to shaving down my forks yesterday. Thanks to previous posts on the topic gave me the assurance I could do it without a lathe. I used a 4" cut off disk, grind wheel (carefully), electric sander with 120, 220, 400, 600 grit dry, then polished with wheel. couple of small waves, but hey, it was my first time and I am really satisfied with the result. Sorry for gigantic pics.

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Well done!
Looks good.

I just did mine earlier in the week and was dismayed to find how uneven the surface was before I got to waviness is probably out of your hands without a lathe.
As stated above! I did mine tonight and have no clue how wavy they were until I started sanding!!
I've done many a set myself. Just like alot of things, it's amazing how critical you are about your work because of the way it looks on the bench, or when it's right in your face, but just think about when the part is actually bolted on the bike and it's inches from the ground and several feet from your (and everyones) eyes. Minor imperfections aren't even noticed.

Great work, those legs needed a polish anyway :)

Went way to deep with the grinder. Future advice put the 4 1/2 inch down and use a file.
files are awesome. but those did come out pretty nice.
Thanks to ya'll for the positive feedback. I forgot to mention i used a 4" flap disk after the grind disk.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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