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Sorry Guys I've searched the threads and Just didn't find the 123's in setting up a MAg!:confused:
Info; it's a Jim Hunt rebuilt by Buck, with a Advance botton end!
Going on a 65 based Panhead. Very nice rebuild I must say!!:)

OK so Gears are set on Timing Marks and locked. I figure this is correct place to start ?? or not??
If so what are the next steps. What location on the timing cam do I set for?
Is there a Idiot Tool I can use here?


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Buck uses a "buzz box" which makes it easier, but you can use a multimeter also.

The advance has to be turned all the way, with the engine at the full advance mark on the comp stroke of the front cylinder.

Then it's a simple matter of turning the mag body until the points begin to open.

Make sure you're tuning the mag body the correct rotational direction.

Then, if you're anything like me, you'll kick yourself stupid for an hour and wonder what you did wrong.:confused:

But the theory is sound.
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