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Setting super E for easy kicking..

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My shovel has been a pain in the a... to kick lately. I suspectet the carb, so i tryed whit a super B from a friend. It starts realy easy whit the B. My super E is in good shape, hardly used. I will try to clean it whit comp air an sett it to S&S ground settings, adjust the float and cross my fingers... Any tips on other things i could to when i have the carb on my bench ?
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Check the accelerator pump and make sure it is working. It sounds like it may not be.
But the B (easy starting) doesn't have an acc. pump. So ???????????

I would clean the carb and set it to base line specs. Check your ignition while you're at it and put in a new set of plugs (I'd say no Champions, but someone would come on here and say that's all they use. :) )
If the bike used to be easy to kickstart and suddenly became difficult, I would not suspect the carb. I would be pressure testing the intake for a leak.

(I'd say no Champions, but someone would come on here and say that's all they use. :) )
That's all I ever use.:)
I have a question on this question? I ride evo sportsters so have no experiensce with shovels however one of my bikes has a super e carb on it.starts great. My neighbor down the street just moved in with a suoer e equipped kick start shovel that won't start. I noticed the mixture screw was adjusted all the way out and turned it in some and it started on the next kick but only ran for a few seconds. With the screw turned out so much makes me think there may be a problem with the intake gaskets. Mine had this problem when I got it. How do I pressure test the intake?
Hey silverback hope you don't mind me asking a question on your thread but it seemed the right place to ask
Go to the s and s website for two videos on setting up the e series carb, and how to kickstart a bike with one installed
Go to the s and s website for two videos on setting up the e series carb, and how to kickstart a bike with one installed
KC.....Here's what I did to test for intake leaks. Someone will argue that it isn't the right way, but it works for me.

Get a piece of 1/4" thick aluminum plate. Steel will also work. Cut to fit intake flange where carb mounts. Drill 2 holes for mounting to flange. Drill and tap a hole , 1/8" NPT, in the center of the plate. Screw in a Schrader valve, like one used on a water pump air tank. Turn down air pressure on air line to less than 5 lbs. Mix some dish soap with water to spray on intake seals. Remove pushrods, so you know all 4 valves are closed. Put air pressure to the Schrader valve. Spray soap solution and look for bubbles.
Got to the hardware store and get a big rubber plug (right size to stick in your intake). Drill a hole in the middle of the plug and pressurize with your air gun, spray, look for leaks.
Also if you bury your Air/fuel mixture screw really tight ittle put a hole in your carb and ruin it so dont bury that needle to tight..
Here is the tool I made for pressure testing the intake. 3/4" plywood, an air hose nipple and a gasket make from an innertube. I just used scraps laying around the garage.


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I had a similar problem with my old shovel. It had a S&S B on it an started easy.
Replaced it with and E and she was a bitch to start when cold. When hot just step on the kicker and she fired. Never did figure out why. Seals were good, no leaks, carb adj was good, the works. She just did'nt like to start with the E on her.
i replaced my b with an e and its starts first kick (usually) i dont rember what jets i got in it but each bike is different
Thanks for the info guys. Never thought about the air pressure test that way. I will definitely check out s and s site to see what it says.
Also you might want to make sure your advance is set properly on your timing if your leak issue comes up as a non-issue. My kick only Shovel (S&S super E) was at about 25 degrees advance before adjustment, and she would sputter and be a real tease and a bitch to kickstart. A good Shovel ridin' friend of mine reset my advance last year and now it's a 3 kick starter cold (including primer kick) and one kick starter warm. I'm gonna get some more info on the tool he used, I'll post it here. I'm sure it has explicit instructions as well, and it's pretty simple. Set 35 degrees advance as I recall.
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