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Servi car with big twin 4 speed

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Has anyone here done this? I have a big twin 4 speed and wouldlike to put it behind a 45" flattie in a servi car frame. I know im going to have to flip the rear and a custom tranny plate will have to be made. Im curious if anyone has done this. Maybe some pics.
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A Norton or Triumph trans, as well as a BT 4 speed, is 1:1 in high, same as the 45.
Run a british gear box, lighter and much less expensive, plus has been done on here (JJ) 3-4 times.
I was gonna run the big twin trans cuz i have it already. But ill look around for a brit trans I guess. I still need to finish the motor and do some work in the frame.
Have details on the set up somewhere will dig em out for ya
This ain't for everyones taste but my 45 went into an aftermarket bigtwin hardtail frame, using late 70's HD 4 speed, spaced the engine just over 1.5" with some brackets/shims I made. Hell it's all I could afford at the time:D Purists beware and if ya'll don't like it listen to "Killin in the name of" by Rage!! I've changed to good grade 8 bolts since the pics.

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Have details on the set up somewhere will dig em out for ya
Hey 49flat, what belt drive did you use? Also any more pics of that bike?
Bleedin'knucks, used a BDL 1.5" drive, old 3 stud HD clutch...what I had on hand when I decided to build the bike. It's a work in progress but hoping to ride it this summer.

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Thats a cool tank. I put a sporty tank on my servicar just to see what it looked like, i wasnt feeling it. I think im going to run a wassell and tuck an oil tank under the seat area. I have a set of stock tanks with the oil tank integrated but i dont think im going to run them. I dont think theyll look good with a skinny springer.
Thanks guys...Bleedinknucks I'd sure like to see your project in progress, I live for threads like that...don't care what the hell people use for fab materials or powerplants, run what ya brung and make it work!!! Oh of course keep it HD for official site rules:D:D
Ill have pics of this project when i have more stuff going on. This is going to be a fun bike to build im sure. Itll be fun to ride too im sure.
Homebuilt = family fun!! More power to ya and I'll be watchin for photos.
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