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Servi car frame what's it worth?

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I got a lead on some old servi car frames sitting in a CT backyard. I was told that they are bare with trees growing in and around, but not buried. What would one be worth? Where on those frames are the manufacture dates?
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It all depends on condition. Tabs missing, necks raked, broken engine mounts, old nasty welds. Seems lately the cobbled trike frames aren't bringing any money at all. Saw a vintage, straight frame with all the tabs and no repairs to be made for sale for $500 and it didn't even sell at that price. Used to be pretty pricey a few years ago.
There are close to 8 different types,,mechanical and Hyd. As mentioned modifications can seriously hinder the value . We sold a perfect one a while back for $400,,date coding , not so much,,it's what tabs are where etc etc that kinda places them. If it has trees,,it is most likely unsafe from exposure

The front is same as 45 solo,,so if back is damaged,,still worth having,,if thats how teh guy cared for it ( leaving it out that long ) it's worth $50
I will give a quote, given to me, by Hatch once. "It is worth what anyone who wants it, will pay for it". Those sound questionable, so if the bottoms are not rusted away, they will be worth SOMETHING. I would probably offer 100 each, if they are useable, and see if you can use one, or sell them.
Oh, they're definately worth something, just don't give a ton expecting to make a ton cause it probably won't happen with the prices lately. Super low ball em!
I'll buy one form you if you find one - been trying to piece together a servi project for a while and would like a tab I could molest - so if you find one in CT let me know - I'll drive down for that...
Hopefully they are stock unmolested and arent totally shot. I will most definately help to get them to those who could use em.
Here is a blueprint,, not the MC mounting plate near back axle mount, that is for HYD rear models.
If ya end up with them, I would be intrested in an unraked front 1/2 of a frame.
I'm in for a back half. Servi frames in perfect condition were selling for $300. A while back, haven't seen any latly.
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