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Sell? Yeah, please don't buy it.

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A guy from work is hot to trot to buy my Sporty for more than I owe. I must say that I am torn, the bike fits him better and I am minus a payment. But, I love the thing.

I guess I could fall in love with a Shovel FX or something down the road...

I'm scared to sell? WTF?

Wierd emotions right now.
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The only way to deal with such emotions is to post some flicks up for all of us to enjoy. :D

Good luck with the decision. Remember everything happens for a reason and it will work out in the end.
got anything else to ride?

If not, DO NOT sell it

you will regret it

could be just me but I hate being without a running bike
pic, the day I brought her home...


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What does it blue book for?

If he's going to buy it for more than bb, do it.

A buddy at work had a Ninja 600 that he sold to another guy at work to for like $3000 over book cause the guy wouldn't leave him alone about it. Thing is he owed $6800 and bb was $3800, so when the guy offered to pay it off, he jumped on it.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.
Wierd emotions right now.
Wear a rubber and if you need ANYTHING, your mom and I will be right here for you.
Ryno said:
Sell it. Buy a big twin later. The wait is worth it, I swear...
My 0.06...
I had a 99 sportster....883C version. I hated it when I owned it, but missed the shit outof it when I sold it. If it is your only bike keep it and wait and see what happens. Who knows....might make a good project one day.

Just my opinion.
I don't know what the book is but I know I am in the range of others like it, plus I will be getting well on it, enough to so damage to other bills I have. Now that I think about it, I am that much closer to getting what I want and that counts for alot.
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