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Second go around serial number issues 69 sporty's

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Just looked at the second 69 Sporty in two weeks that is registered as a 69 but the engine serial number makes it a 70. Once I understand but twice in two weeks with two different bikes?

Is there some way these can really be 69's somehow? Strikes me as awful strange. This one by the way has had same owner for 20 plus years. so if there were title games played it was a long time ago.

A little help from you guys that are real whiz at this would be appreciated.
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Not around here. They'll just check the neck and be done with it. And that's ONLY if it's an out of state bike. If it's an in-state bike, they don't even check the VIN. You just bring in the title and a transfer sheet, and walk out with plates.

The only thing that matters here, is that your neck matches your title, and that only matters if you're in trouble for something, or you're buying an out of state bike.

I've had a bike with a mismatched engine/frame. Even got the case/neck checked once when pulled over for speeding. The officer just said 'oh, blew up the original motor?' 'yep' 'Alright. Bike's not stolen, slow down and be safe'

This is BFE Texas, though.

I'm sure Cali is way different. I hear they can smoke weed, but can't have double edged knives or buy guns whenever they want. *shudder*
Maybe in your part of Texas, but up here they've come in and checked neck numbers/engine numbers/transmission numbers/fork numbers on every bike I had in the shop.
Larry T
Who did you piss off? And yeah... I live in rural east-texas. Kinda the armpit of the US.
Nobody. Every once in a while the Texas DPS Theft Division swings through and checks all of the body shops and scooter shops in the area.

And I live in a town with a population of 10,000, so it's not exactly a metropolitan area either.
Larry T
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