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Second go around serial number issues 69 sporty's

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Just looked at the second 69 Sporty in two weeks that is registered as a 69 but the engine serial number makes it a 70. Once I understand but twice in two weeks with two different bikes?

Is there some way these can really be 69's somehow? Strikes me as awful strange. This one by the way has had same owner for 20 plus years. so if there were title games played it was a long time ago.

A little help from you guys that are real whiz at this would be appreciated.
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The title games may have been played in 1969. There was a time when some dealers would title bikes in the year they were sold, rather than the model year of the bike. I have a low number 1957 Triumph that's always been titled as a 1956. Although it was more common when bikes sat on the showroom floor for the bike to be titled a year or so after the true model year of the bike. The Govt. made them stop doing this eventually 'cause people were paying for the latest models and getting leftovers. Is this second '70 a low numbered one? (Because '70 was an even numbered year, the serial numbers started around 2000.)

Because this is an error, the DMV will fix it, if you present documentation. If they're legit, those bikes could be retitled as a 1970. I know that in your case, Takeshikes, you're looking for a real '69, so that's not much help to you.
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