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Second go around serial number issues 69 sporty's

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Just looked at the second 69 Sporty in two weeks that is registered as a 69 but the engine serial number makes it a 70. Once I understand but twice in two weeks with two different bikes?

Is there some way these can really be 69's somehow? Strikes me as awful strange. This one by the way has had same owner for 20 plus years. so if there were title games played it was a long time ago.

A little help from you guys that are real whiz at this would be appreciated.
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Numbers on case are 3A18009HO which makes it a 70 but just like the other one I saw recently it's registered as a 69.

Also neither one had frame numbers as is correct for a 69.

Both had magnetos too which should make them pre-70.

Pretty odd to have two of them like this. I am REALLY tempted on this one as its so nice and runs very good.
Just wish I could get this bike as it's perfect for what I want to do with it but I damn sure don't need title issues.

So anyone with a 69 or older Sporty in NorCal that wants to get rid of it PM me. Assuming your title and serial match up eh?:rolleyes:
exactly my fear...I buy it and then someday up pops a frame with same serial number.
Starting to really piss me off I'll tell you. both of them I looked at were sweet and I would have bought on the spot but my antenna said don't do it.
I already have one a 73 but want an earlier model...just being greedy!:D
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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