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Seattle 6 Over screening and get together

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Seattle dudes, give me a show of hands for anyone interested in a get together and screening of 6 Over from Dice magazine...Depending on the amount of interest It will be at:

Location A: The Tin Room Bar/ Theatre in Old downtown Burien (


Location B: My garage just down the street from there

The date will be July 29th

If enough people say they're gonna show up, Ill rent the theater. Otherwise Ill be sitting in my garage watching it.


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Not alot of replies so its gonna be a quick ride, BBQ, and 6 Over screening...


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ill be there for the bbq and movie. going to have to pass on the ride
Your Garage sounds like it's it man!!!
I'm gonna have to miss the ride but i should be there for bbq and screening.
Yer gonna be real popular with the neighbors for this 'little stunt'!! :D
I'd be in for the flick and maybe even a ride. Keep us posted on the details. I am going to LA for the Calendar Show, but will be back around the 25th-26th. I'm in and could even bring back some carne asada if we're bbq'ing
Alright homies.... 11 AM at the West Seattle Lookout at the corner of SW Admiral Way and SW Olga. Food is ready to go, screen is set up, beer is cooling, and we should expect decent Seattle Weather. If you can't make the ride and just wanna hang and watch 6 Over, PM me and I'll give you the address.
I really wish I could go.... but I have a tattoo appointment at noon and I have to pick up a Sportster (I just bought) before or after I get some ink done.

Have a great time.... wish I could make it.

Eric (Evobuilder)
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