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Seat, fender, light primarys ect

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All prices are plus shipping. Only trades I would be interested in is 21" aluminum wheel(40 spoke) wassell style tank(the small one) wassell style ribbed fender, small spring mount solo seat and P-pad.

1. Mustang spring mount seat and P-pad, no tears nice condition. SOLD

2 70+ shovel primarys, electric start ear has been shaved off. These are really cool and would look great polished up or chromed. $215 obo

3. Bobbed 1936-1948 big twin fender, it is a oem fender. Was going to use it on my 66 flh but went another direction. $210 obo

4. chopper taillight, has the horse on the lense. Pretty nice condition with some shelf wear but not bad. $70 obo PENDING SALE

5. Cool velocity stack, I dont know what it off but its pretty neat. I was going to use this on my 66 but went with a daul carb setup. It has a 4 bolt flange on it(not the same as a linkert) I dont know what carb it works on, I was going to build a adapter for it. $50 obo PENDING SALE

Have other partd for sale too that arent pictured, rusty mini drum(I think its AEE or santee) $30, brass 2 piece intake clamps(for rubber band style shovels) $25
Adding a new set of chrome pan covers, Still in the box one was removed other is still wrapped up perfect condition 45 plu shipping. Also have a dual point distributo and bracket/coils, coils are round blue bosch(not stock) everything is in good condition 180 plus shipping. All prices are OBO.
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Bump, Needing some parts for a new build so if you have any of thise I would trade for it..

49-57 rear fender(dont need the flap) just the main fender and brace, rocker clutch, blue-arc distributor, finned panhead rocker covers, 8 fin cam cover. Thats all I can think of right now, if you have any of this and dont see any parts in my add you want let me know, I have tons of other stuff.
Bump, make offers. Have a swap meet coming and could use some extra cash.
Bump, seats gone. Light and stack pending sale.
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