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That was a while back (May), but the JJ did'nt exist then...
I thought you guys could appreciate this item I scored:

What is fascinating to me, is that:

1 - The need for speed is such, that guys would want to Hot Rod a 138cc, 2.5 HP motorbike???

2 - That a company would oblige, and produce speed parts for a 138cc, 2.5 HP motorbike (a hot cam, larger valves and a re-worked Tillotson carb where available).

The head is cast in bronze.
(probably Herculoy™ or Everdur™ = a silicon-rich bronze alloy).
The compression area was re-shaped for better compression.
The casting is kinda crude, specially compared with Whizzer, die-cast quality.

Here is one cleaned-up and mounted on a 1947 'H' motor:

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