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San Jose Clubmans All British Show and Swap meet pictures

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Hello everybody, heres a link to pictures from the show this past Saturday 3/31/2012. Enjoy!
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very nice collection of bikes, great pics, wish I was there..
Cool pics. Even after 10 hours of traffic to get there, and 500 miles of rain soaked shitty So Cal freeways coming home, it was still worth it. I brought home a matching numbers 1953 Thunderbird project, a 600cc JA Prestwich (aka JAP) sidevalve motor, and a bunch of other cool bits, all for under a grand.

Any idea who won the Gold Star?
Any idea who won the Gold Star?
Some guy from Hong Kong. I too scored some goodies, a 7/8" Amal competition throttle for $15.00, NOS genuine Lucas points, lots of good deals to be had.

A guy from Hong Kong.
That's good to hear. At least we'll be able to buy repop 1957 Gold Stars now. I didn't take too may pics, but here's a few that I liked.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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