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The clip-ons I originally used on the old Sportfighter were kicking my lower back's ass. To lighten the load, I've switched to a pair of oversized motocross bars (Universal Solex, outdoor bend) and some bar clamps I raped off an old set of aftermarket triple clamps on a YZ250F. The raw alloy finish was achieved with a scotchbrite wheel. Now the new look of my old bike is more dirt track, less sport bike. I scooted around Elsinore this evening to check it out, and I'm extremely pleased with the new riding position. Any thoughts on the look?

Off topic, a few Socal locals are throwing together a ride Saturday, May 20th. We'll probably meet in Temecula and head east, perhaps as far as Palm Springs via back roads. Any interested parties please speak up on this thread.

Interesting sidebar to the photos shown: I switched off the garage lights and shot with the camera flash only, stumbling blindly in the dark to set up the various angles. Sort of an art experiment for the bored. Fuck--I need a life.


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