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rubber mount fat bobs on a shovel. help

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I bought the bracket kit from Jireh, it looks like I should use the old mounts in the front and cut down the spacers supplied in the kit, and weld the back braket to the frame. The direction mention bolting on these 2 other brackets that were included that will throw things outta whack. any help would be appreciated. the FLH is a '75 and the tanks are off of a mid 90's fatboy I believe.
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I've never used a Shovel-to-Flatside kit, but I have mounted Flatsides on other frames. The brackets line up differently. Your best bet is to line up the tanks where they look good and don't interfere with anything like handlebars or rocker covers, then measure or test-fit the brackets to your frame before cutting off any of the old mounts. I've never even seen the kit, so I'm sorry I'm not more help.
what kind of kit do you have?? I've got a badlands kit here they work perfectly everytime I have used need to bolt the bracket to the downtubes lower front tank bracket bolt the bracket to the gauge lug and bolt the rear tank brackets to the tank when ever thing looks incognito weld the tabs to the frame on the backbone...just remember to tighten them once you have them where they line up nicely before you weld the rear also may have to space the bracket on the OEM gauge lug on the frame...hope that helps ya...
looked at the bad lands kit. that is just like my kit. I may be just llooking at it fucked up.
Mock up the tanks and brakets first. Don't try to figure out how it goes without bolting the tanks on. You'll need to position it anyway
and you need it all together to do that. Then you can mark and tack
it if it is the weld on variety.
I was looking at it fucked up. I missed the part about raising the speedo with the spacers.
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