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Rotary 4 speed with mid controls

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I’ve been having trouble getting my mid controls setup so they shift nicely. I eliminated the factory short linkage setup because mine was all wore out but it’s looking like I’ll need it back on there. Anyone else running mids with the rotary top trans?
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If I may ask a slightly sidetracked question, is there any practical difference in how well the FX/top angle levers vs the FL lower angled levers actually shift and function on the rotary tops?

My 84 FX has the FX type lever setup, I plan to change it to the FL style, the FX/top shifter connections always looked odd to me when used with forward or FL shifters compared to the FL style that attach on the lower side of the old ratchet tops.

If no mechanical advantage of the fx/top actuating style, lll continue to remove whatever vestiges of them there still are on the bike. My bike had Perfomance Machine forwards on it when I got it, but Im changing it to FL shift and brake controls with halfmoon footboards, like my knuckle and 76 FX had. Ive rounded up the FL lower actuating linkage parts to put on it when I get the chance to pull the inner primary.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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