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Rotary 4 speed with mid controls

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I’ve been having trouble getting my mid controls setup so they shift nicely. I eliminated the factory short linkage setup because mine was all wore out but it’s looking like I’ll need it back on there. Anyone else running mids with the rotary top trans?
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Thats the closest I can get it before I I run out of stroke or the arm hits the engine case. I’ll try a new stock style linkage and shorten my brass linkage accordingly to try.
also, going by your fulcrum point, I dont think the angles of both operating levers is correct,...
it looks way way off,
in this rough drawing, the two red lines should be as paralell as you can get them or you lose leverage & movement making shifting harder,
if they are not, you might find lengthing or shortning the connecting rod will bring them to a more pa View attachment 273048 ralell
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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